Coffee Travel Flask / 2009

For many people, coffee is an important daily ritual.

I was inspired to design a stylish but functional alternative to the takeaway cup, one that reflects the care that has been put into the preparation of the coffee and one that enhances the experience of drinking the coffee. I was inspired to design a vessel that not only performed better than the alternative, but takes a lead in enhancing the experience and at the same time reducing the environmental impact.

Functionally it’s a dual wall vessel with superior heat retention and a cool touch exterior.The lid twists shut to prevent accidental spillage during transit and the inner working of the lid can be removed for complete and thorough cleaning.

Aesthetically, it’s a reflection of the care and passion we have for our coffee It is a pleasure to use and a pleasure to own and, it enhances the experience of this important daily ritual.

Prototype only, but I would welcome the opportunity to speak with any interested manufacturing partners.

Bombay Sapphire Design Discovery Award