The Mill table takes its inspiration from the process of milling a tree trunk into

useable pieces of timber. Inspired to use as much of the timber as possible,

the resulting table design has a solid timber top laminated together using the

central thick planks. The rounded timber leg detail of the table can use the

smaller side pieces of timber that are deemed too thin for the table top.


For strength and visual interest the table design features an elegantly curved natural

iron leg detail. Again taking inspiration from the milling process but this time applied

to a hot rolled iron tube, the 4 iron legs can be CNC milled from a single section of

steel tube. The resulting design is an elegant balance of strong rigid materials with a

softened form resolution. Its tapered legs mimic the thick base of a tree giving the table

rigidity and a solid stance, and the innovative use of the manufacturing

process minimizes waste.



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