David Knott


In the fifteen years since he graduated with honours in Industrial Design, David Knott has adopted a strategic approach to his career development building upon a wide scope of experiences, ranging from graduate study in Italy to exhibitions of his work in several countries and engagement with a number of internationally renowned design companies.

With a strong emphasis on detail resolution, his signature clean and refined design style is evident in a growing range of international award winning design pieces. David draws his inspiration from design history and material experimentation with a passion for the fusion of the beautiful and the technical.

Specializing in industrial design has given David invaluable experience in materials and manufacturing processes as well as vital insights into low and high volume manufacturing capabilities. He is well grounded in the design - manufacturing cycle and has extensive experience managing clients whose needs range from high end bespoke products to high volume homewares, furniture, lighting and exterior objects.  David is intimately involved in the development and production process with over 15 years of experience working with many different manufacturers throughout Asia, Australia, USA and Italy.

Driven by a desire to design simple, beautiful and clever products, David manages every step of the supply cycle from initial design research, insights, ideation and realistic CG rendering, through to tooling CAD files, material specifications and production management.

David’s commitment to his profession includes the development of the next generation designers. He has been engaged as “Designer in Residence” and participated in a number of judging and mentoring activities. He has also been engaged as a professional tutor at University to share his expert commercial design experience and knowledge with design students.

Ultimately he strives to make beautiful things.